Thursday, August 6, 2009

Alright, So Now The Crazy...

Yeah, I can be sometimes...haha

It's not my intended feeling, but sometimes I get a little nuts. I'm sure everyone has insecurities I just like to write about them. It makes me feel better to get the crazy off my chest. It's good to know that no one reads this :)

Helps me sleep at night, if you will. I am currently having a sleep pattern problem, actually. You see, it's the second week in August and I have to go back to school pretty soon. I will have a roommate and I don't think she'd like it if I was staying up until 4 am reading or writing or whatever my manic brain decides to do at this time. Therefore, I need to work on this.

It helps that I've been exercising lately. Get in time to wear myself down so even though my brain doesn't shut off when I want it to, at least I can wear my body down enough to make it. Plus, on my campus there is a monstrosity of a hill that I have to climb to get to my dorm from classes. I need to be in shape to do that all year again. Phew!

Well until another confession of odd and sometimes mad thoughts, I'm gonna head out and go for a walk. Or maybe do the dishes. I have yet to decide.

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